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Virechan in madhumeha

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Rognidan and Vikriti Vigyan Part 2

Published e-books on Google play store Click here to Download the Book Some highlights of This Books:1. 80 Chapters Start from Jwara to Khudra rog2.…

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Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine (IJ-RIM) website: www.ayurline.in Review on Etio-pathogenesis and diagnostic criteria of The Vatarakta Roga w.s.r. to Gouty arthritis.January…

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Ayurlog: The National Journal Of Research in Ayurved Science (NJ-RAS) Website: www.ayurlog.com An overview on the concept of “Aam” and its significance as mentioned in…

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An Ayurvedic approach on clinical examination's Instruments: A literature Review Arun Dudhamal, Sanjay Paikrao| Vol 2 nd | Issue 4th | October- December 2014